El Barco de Cueca – Óscar Santis


On December 2017 as part of “Acts Of Listening” activities that took place at the Tsonami Festival in the city of Valparíso, Carsten Stabenow organized a boat trip through the bay.

A slightly gray morning and a seemingly calm sea were the framework for that occasion. The boat had an amplification system for those who wanted to connect their equipment and play during the course of the ride. Carsten and Eric Mattson invited me for to go with some of my tools and occupy the sound space that was proposed.

The record started it with underwater sounds registered by Eric with his submersible microphone and over that layer the improvisation was developed.

During the concert the boat stopped and some enjoyed the icy waters of the Pacific. When returning the conditions of the swell varied slightly, but enough to detonate the dizziness in some of the crew, among which I included myself. Watching for so long the knobs, cables, the soundbox and pedals for so long made me lose my relationship with the horizon and the world began to spin.

I still remember the return to the shore with most of the people in complete silence listening to the packaged music that accompanied us.

Some time later I received the tracks recorded from the concert over these, modulations were created to articulate the layers of sounds without altering or editing the evolution of the time of the original recordings, always having as reference the first sounds recorded underwater.

I appreciate the hospitality of Carsten Stabenow by inviting me to interfere with the void with my sounds and the constant collaboration of Eric Mattson throughout this process.

released May 29, 2019

Óscar Santis: DIY likembe, soundbox, pedals and Pure Data.
Eric Mattson: Underwater sounds on Track 1

Recording: Eric Mattson at Valparaiso, December 2017; Óscar Santis at Estudio Errante, Concón April 2018.
Mixing and Mastering: Óscar Santis

CC by-nc-nd 3.0


Tides Of Continental Plate – Oscar Santis


El 25 de Julio del año en curso ORAL_records publicó el álbum Tides Of Continental Plate del escultor, pintor y músico chileno Óscar Santis. Este trabajo es la segunda publicación de una serie de tres que comenzó con Desde la Caja, editado el año 2016 por Pueblo Nuevo.

Este trabajo está compuesto por seis temas en los que se experimenta con las  capas e interferencias que genmeran las modulaciones  entre fuentes sonoras análogas y digitales. Se usaron herramientas como Pure Data, Soundboxes, micrófonos de contacto, pedales y un likembe bajo.

Para escuchar y descargar hay que seguir el siguiente enlace.

La grabación, mezcla y masterización fue hecha por Óscar Santis y se realizó en el Estudio Errante, en la Ciudad Abierta de Amereida

La curatoría estuvo a cargo de Eric Mattson.

Está editado bajo (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) Creative Commons License.